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my bathroom darkroom in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, 10 years ago.


haha, this is so good

greetings from belgrade. viewer discretion advised.

A photographer friend of mine, Buda (now he makes knives…), sent me this as a postcard right when I moved to the US in 1998. A retired guy hung himself from his balcony ..
Life was tough back then in Serbia, old, retired people were starving, their pensions were worthless, the suicide rates went through the roof. People would rather kill themselves then starve.


boom boom

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yours truly 10 or so years ago.

real polaroid of course.


good find.

While hanging out at my grandmother’s the other day, I dug out some old boxes of film from the 30s and 40s … Who knows what might be there, probably just family snaps, but it’s a treasure trove in any case … just to see the way people dressed back in the day, the way the city looked, etc etc. Can’t wait to start scanning.


brothers and sisters

it’s official now, I’m on instagram, yeaaaaaaaah :)

and this

enough! I’m gonna move to the east of Turkey and do this every day …

… real fun starts at aprox 1:05

happy Sunday. True Detective. Can’t wait for season two.

never say no to panda.

nasty elbows. Jongsanan (woodenman) vs Sakmongkol.

fruska gora. gutte nacht.


be ready for the apocalypse …


it even has the DJ set up! wow! punching bag would be a nice addition.

star wars etc

My friend DEEMO emailed me  THIS , very cool.

magda | borderlines

I met Magdalena Switek in Katowice, Poland, back in 2012, I had a show there … I’ve been following her work ever since, dark, passionate, some great talent there.

got it today!

discogs link


Culture is not your friend. Create art.



some really good stuff, aaaaaaaa !

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every household needs one of these.

russian spetznaz machete.


check this out

DJ BRKA in Christiania, Denmark.

My friend DJ Brka is playing in Christiania, Denmark tomorrow, and if you are in the region you have to go…